Thursday, April 14, 2016

“6 Weeks In and I Finally Know How to Flush the Toilet”
This week was interesting and the way time works on a mission is weird. I feel like last week was an eternity ago, but at the same time I feel like it was just yesterday when I was sitting at the computer typing you all. How are you? Good, bad? Dying? I want to know!
I finished mateo! (Book of Matthew) woohoo! Idk, sorry I have writers block. So, God is amazing! He knows what is best for us and knows what we need when we need it. If He told us the things we were going to do we would probably look at him and say, “That’s a joke. I can’t do that... I could never...” He puts things in our path to help prepare us for what is to come.

This week we were talking with a member, Delia, and she said her sister was in the hospital. The next day my companion and I went to the hospital to check on her and make sure everything was ok. She did not look good. A nurse came into the room to take her temp and said something then started to ball and cried, “No, no, NO”. At this point I have no clue what is going on. Long story short, her organs stopped working, but her heart is fine. With this experience it makes me think about how we need all of our organs to be working. We need them all to be able to function. This is the same with the commandments. We need to be keeping all of the commandments not just some, not just the most important ones to receive all of the blessing that Padre Celestial (Heavenly Father) WANTS to bless us with. Hey, no one is perfect, but luckily we have Jesus, who died for us, so we can make a change and be better.
Here is your homework for the week:
Matthew 23:26, 27:34
Mark 2:5, 3:27
Then I also love this story: 
Matthew 26:70, 72, 74, 75

Satan knows what we are capable of and he also knows Gods plan for us. He is going to do what he can to stop us from being happy and others to. He only needs us for a moment then after that moment, boom, He’s gone and we’re left here felling like garbage. So, don’t give into temptations!
le amo y le extra├▒o,
Hermana Highfill
My zone, at Zone Conference.
Hermana and I at my first Zone Conference.

There is beauty all around!
The countryside of Argentina.
Goofing with my zone!

Heading to Zone Conference.
Me and budda!
These don't look like the dogs back home!

Me and my Comp.
Happy Birthday!
My Daddy-o in Argentina speaking spanish!

My Ward! 

I love fat girls!!! What?

Little church children.

Hermana Jeans. Get a pair!
Chastity Jeans. Remember who you are!