Friday, March 4, 2016

"Who Knew I Could Sing"   

So this is going to be short... 
My district and I tried out to sing for the EFY choir Medley in Spanish and we made it! We're going to be singing on Wednesday for the new missionaries!!! I also met the Primary General President.... she is the coolest lady ever! And finally, I leave Monday (March7, 2016) morning for Argentina! 
As always, here is your homework:
3 N. 19:3- this is when Christ is visiting the people. What are you willing to do for Jesus?
3 N. 19:25, 30- What can you do in your life so Jesus will smile upon you?
LOVE YOU ALL sorry this email is so short. I leave on Monday and have 156416451345 things I need to do!

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