Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Hello, it's me. So this week was quite interesting. First off, I have a few funny stories. 

Story number 1.) We have to teach our instructors like they are investigators and it's hard because I can't take them seriously, but I need to for practice. Anyway, the classroom doors at the MTC have little peep holes but they are backwards so you can look from the outside in as opposed to hotel doors looking from the inside out. Usually before we go teach our "investigators" I look through the little peep hole to make sure they are in that room. So as I am looking through the peep hole I see my teacher (this is where it gets funny) and he is smelling something. He grabs an air freshener and sprays it all around. He starts wafting the air to make sure it smells ok then he comes to open the door... and he totally ripped one and literally the whole lesson I couldn't keep it together. I still can't really keep it together!!!

Story numero dos.) Hermana Farber makes fun of my shoes. She says if I needed to it looks like I could impale someone. 

3.) Every Sunday we watch devotionals and one devotional I saw Ellen sitting in the stand taking notes. 

4.) I watched a talk by Elder Bednar. He told a story about Elder Oaks and how at General Conference he looks like he never smiles. Then he goes on to share one of his stories that he shares every Thursday.  “Do you know why all the good stories are in the beginning of the BOM because those are the ones that are most read”. Everyone starts off saying. ‘I'm going to read the BOM’ and then they get to the Isaiah chapters and they put it away. Then they say, ‘Ok, this time I'm going to do it’, then the Isaiah chapters come again... it's a vicious cycle... There was a missionary out in the field that was saved by the BOM. One day he was getting robbed. He had a little pocket-sized BOM in his shirt. The robber shot at him. It went right through the BOM in his shirt pocket, but he was saved because the bullet stopped at the Isaiah chapters” 😹 then Elder Bednar goes on to say he can't even get to the punchline of that story without cracking up. I think that's all the stories... I don't remember if there was anything else...

So last Tuesday Elder Rasband came and talked to us... I didn't know who he was but... he's an apostle... and he’s the bomb. His talk was about how God told them where I was supposed to go serve a mission. It was way super good. I am so excited to go to Argentina. I also met someone who just got back from Salta and he is the coolest dude ever. Only cool people go there😉 

I’m almost sure those are the highlights of my week. Oh yeah really quick. I LOVE ALL OF THE LETTERS AND PACKAGES I GET!!! They always get to me when I am at a low point and they always bring me right back up. It's God's way of saying, "Hang in there Carissa. You can do it". I'm sorry. Oh yeah, and he also hooked me up with Taco bell for dinner yesterday ♥ I know some people and they hooked it up!!! So yes, God loves you individually and knows what is best for you. Sorry, if I don't write you back. I am SO busy, but just know I read your letters and they always bring a smile to my face ☻ 

Really quick, I want to leave you with this thought/ scriptures:2 Nephi 9:45 what are somethings that bind us and chain us down?Helman 15:7-8 what does it mean to be made free? 

OMG I can’t believe I almost forgot!!So the first missionary ever was Joseph Smith’s brother Sam Smith. He was so mad and frustrated that he only gave away 2 BOMs and went home. However, one of the BOMs he gave away was to Brigham Young (really important). So… that could be any of us. Also, the one person we convert is ourselves and then we will convert many, but a missionary’s first convert is themselves. 

Lots of love always,
Hermana Highfill (your favorite sister missionary)

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