Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Yes, it is true, we get Chick-Fil-A at the MTC. Yesterday was the 2 time we got it, coolest thing ever!!! 

Also in my title, I would like to know if you picked up on this but mi y mi compenada are the new STL (sister training leaders) basically, since I'm still at the MTC I get a phone and I get to help the new missionaries out and love them. Did I mention we get a phone? Yeah I have a phone. Not bad for a phone lover! I'm a mission leader!

My MTC teacher got married so we've been having a sub.

Sorry this email is short but I spent all my time sending pictures.

I would just like everyone to know on Saturdays we have to do service and I have to wake up BEFORE the scheduled 6:30 to BE where I need to be so I can clean toilets... There's other jobs but I don't know I guess I'm just lucky. But, they have these cool stair vacuums that look like ghost buster vacuums so this Saturday I am gonna ask if we could do that.

All Is well here at el CCM. I am half way done with my experience here which is really amazing. I'm almost in the field!

Love you bunches
Hermana Highfill 😘

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