Wednesday, February 10, 2016

What’s Up all?
I guess I can start off with some of the millions questions I have received via the mail.

How are you doing?
     Great. I guess. Actually this week was so much better than my first

week. There is more of a set schedule for us and missionaries kind of know what is going on and what to do. Going to be honest, this stuff is HARD it is for sure not easy at all. And, if you try to do it by yourself without the help of the lord... I promise you will go home! This week I prayed like I have never prayed before ever in my life. This is the Lord’s work. I can’t do it my way, I have to do it his way. He knows my strengths and he has a certain way (the best way) for me to do this.

How is the language coming along?
      Well I’m learning how to preach the gospel in a language that I really

don't even know...

      “Yo se que me senor vivi. yo se que esta vida es muy deficial y necesitamos la ayuda de dios. con la ayuda de el padre puedo hacer cada cosas y usted tambien usted tambein. el libro de mormon es verdad y este evengelio dame felizedades. “

How the Comp?
       She’s awesome and I love her. There are sometimes when we hate

each other but we talk it out and fix it. We’re like siblings... we got each other’s backs and stuff!

How are the showers?
       Like any other shower! Hay muchos pelo que asco.

How’s my towel?
      The best possible thing in the world! Everyone needs to get a

microfiber towel

Have you washed you clothes yet?
       Yes, after my computer time we all go wash our clothes. Washing

clothes has never been so much fun before!! I love laundry day (Pday)! Also Pday is great because we don’t go to class, I don’t have to speak Española, and we get to go to the outside world!! Kind of! Its just the temple, but its still weird to think people are living their lives out there and I’m just in side a class learning for 14 hours a day.
Yes, I have been getting all of your letters and emails. I just want you to know I love them all and, yes I love hearing about the new shoes and hair cuts. It makes me so happy to know you guys haven’t forgotten about me. I love hearing that kind of stuff and I love getting the letters and packages

So those were all the questions and now it’s story time grab the popcorn real quick and come take a seat.

A missionary Elder walks into our classroom and starts basically preaching to us about the stages of the MTC,
  1. Honeymoon-loveeverythingsoexcitedtobehere!(thisstagelasts like 5 minutes!)
  2. Thehostilestage-whyamIevenhere?
  3. TheGrinandbareit-themissionisright!
  4. Andfinally,Theloveitstage-whenyoureallyloseyourselfinthe
As, he is telling us this, we were all like, how long has he been home from you mission? Because he spoke with such power! Later we find he’s only been here 2 weeks! That was so funny! Things move so fast while we are here.

This week I had to prepare a Relief Society lesson about the Book of Mormon. Wow, that could not have been a broader topic! So anyway, I’m preparing for that and I found a scripture that said something like, “I am the Savior of the world and this is my gospel” in the Book of Mormon. That’s when it hit me, without the Book of Mormon Jesus would have died for nothing. There would have been no point for a Savior because we would have never known.

Everyone here is just so tired it is hilarious. When we go to the devotionals, you’ll see so many heads bobbing around!

I have TRC which is basically an investigator that mi y mi compenada teach. She was completely against reading the BOM. It was fast Sunday, so I prayed for her heart to be softened about the Book of Mormon (BOM). We went to go teach our 3rd lesson with her and it started out rough. I have absolutely no clue what she was saying because of the language. It was a little awkward. But, I kept praying so hard to be able to understand what she was saying. Then, she said a word I learned a long time ago and I suddenly knew exactly what she was talking about. The spirit was so strong at that point. He told me exactly what I needed to say to her. We read from the BOM and bore our testimonies in Spanish and I asked her to read the book. She agreed! My heart has never been filled with so much joy in my life. The spirit also spoke to my compenada and she told her (the TRC) that she needed to read it with real intent. We closed by telling her we loved her and she wanted to know why. We told her that we are representatives of Jesus Christ and we love her as much as he loves her. It was so amazing and so powerful. This is what sharing the gospel its all about. She is amazing.

One of our teachers kind of slaps us in the face a little. He shared the scripture "when I was a child I did childish things but when I became a man I put away childish things". Jesus cant do all this work. I’m helping him out. I am his representative. He is fine with me doing that for him. I know this is totally the work of the Lord. It is extremely hard, why do you think it’s his work? He’s a god. Which is why I need his help. I am slowly discovering what that means. I am doing his work for him, not me, not you, but for him. If I am ever too tired to do something its not about me its about him and la gente (the people). There are so many things I hate doing but its not my mission its his. I’m not doing it for me I’m doing it for him. So, I can become what he needs me to be.

Last night I was wondering what makes me so special and he told me we are all different. We are all made differently. We are all different tools that he needs. We can all do his work. There are just some people that are a better fit for the job and that’s okay.

I am so grateful for all the love and support. I love you all so much and think

about you almost every day Keep the letters coming. I love them along with the pictures

Love always,
Your favorite missionary, Hermana Highfill

This week’s challenge:

I want you guys to A. read you scriptures and B. don't think about yourself for one day. C. Go to search Book of Mormon and filter it so only the videos show and watch, I think its called, Book of Mormon story. There should be a black guy talking about the BOM. It was the video I showed in Relief Society. Here is the link. story?lang=eng
page4image6336 page4image6496 page4image6656

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